Could Low-Priced Liquor Be Any More Rewarding?

Could Low-Priced Liquor Be Any More Rewarding?

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At Cantina Liquor, we want to show our appreciation for all of our customers by offering a point program that rewards them for buying the beverages they’d buy anyway. Members of the Cantina Club Point Program can enjoy accumulating points for every dollar they spend on beer, wine, liquor and mixers. After accumulating enough points, members can trade their points in for merchandise credit. How simple and rewarding is that?

For every dollar spent, members receive 1 point.

• 500 points = $20 in merchandise
• 1000 points = $50 in merchandise
• 2500 points = $150 in merchandise

Get rewarded for the beverages you buy anyway by shopping at Cantina Liquor. Visit our store in Wellington, CO to get started.